Watch Dominos Pizza Made on Video

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You can now watch Dominos Pizza made live on video at one store and maybe soon at a store near you. Dominos set up 5 video cameras within the store so you can watch the entire pizza making process online.

Did Dominos’ employee wear gloves; did he or she handle money with the same gloves; or was he or her sticking their un-gloved hand somewhere just before handling your pizza?  I think the video cameras will keep employees following cleanliness and safety rules and allow quick company action when people report problems.  If Dominos handles it correctly, this won’t become a publicity nightmare.  I also think many customers and other people will want to watch pizzas being made.

Dominos has 5 cameras in the store at the following locations:

  1. Dough station;
  2. Toppings;
  3. In Oven;
  4. Out of Oven; and
  5. In front of a digital display that allows the viewer to watch their name scroll across the display in the Domino’s store (currently only in Utah) if the viewer clicks a Facebook Like button.

Dominos is betting that they will get lots of Likes because people will want to see their name in lights. I think that was a very smart marketing gimmick to get Facebook Likes for Dominos.  I do have a suggestion.  Dominos should add a Watch Video button to the Dominos Pizza delivery app so after using the app to order a pizza, you can watch it being made.

Watch Dominos Pizza made live on video

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