Pizza Delivery Can Be Dangerous

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Being a pizza delivery person can be a dangerous occupation.  There have been many reports of pizza delivery people being robbed and even murdered.  Following are some of the crimes against pizza delivery men and women (the names of the murderers have been omitted here to avoid giving them any publicity):

Nathan Leon, a Domino’s Pizza delivery man in Denver – who was murdered with the same gun that killed Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements. A Domino’s pizza uniform and Domino’s insulated pizza carrier were found in the murderer’s car.

Elizabeth Hucheson, Domino’s Pizza delivery woman in Cedartown, Gegorgia, was found dead with 50 stab wounds in the doorway of a Georgia home.  She was making a delivery at the home where her 18-year-old female murderer lived.  Elizabeth was a 27-year-old mother with a child.

Giorgio Gallara, 24, and Jeremy Giordano, 22, were killed when they were delivering a fake pizza order called to an abandoned house in rural Franklin Township, New Jersey by two morons who apparently thought the murders would qualify them to work as Mafia hitmen.

Daniil Maksimenko, 22, was also killed delivering a fake pizza order to an address next door to the suspects.  Upon arrival, the pizza delivery man was ambushed and shot in his car.

A Pizza delivery man identified only as Mickey was stabbed with the knife breaking off in his back when he was robbed by an assailant who demanded his money and threatened to kill him.

Although these pizza delivery murders have all been solved, these crimes have become attractive to idiots and morons because of the seemingly anonymous aspect of cell phones.  I don’t believe that any pizza delivery murders are still unsolved but with the advent of pizza delivery apps for smart phones, the use of a pizza delivery app will likely be perceived to be even more anonymous.  Although the use of a pizza delivery app is not any more anonymous than using a cell phone, it would not be surprising if pizza delivery murders increase.

Finally the pizza delivery man is fighting back!  Byron Park, a Dominos Pizza delivery driver delivered a pizza and after returning to his car, A man with a knife approached him demanding money and threatening to kill him.  Byron Park, a former West Melbourne police officer, shot the assailant once and killed him.  At least there is one less bad guy to prosecute and one less on the streets.



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