Xbox Makes You Hungry for Pizza?

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Xbox can make time disappear when playing games, that is until you get hungry. Pizza Hut hopes you get hungry for pizza, so you can now download the Pizza Hut app for Xbox console.

It’s been reported that the app isn’t user friendly because you have to quit your game or movie before ordering pizza and then reboot your game or movie. While it may be easier and less frustrating to order pizza by using your phone or an app on your smart phone, giving the pizza “connoisseur” or consumer yet another way to order is always a smart business move. Anyway, the app is sure to improve in time.

Take a look at a funny video review of the Pizza Hut Xbox app.

Pizza Hero App for iPad from Domino’s

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A Pizza Hero App for iPad from Domino’s aims at having you try to rise through the ranks of pizza chefs to become a Pizza Hero. You’re expected to make perfect pizzas by kneading dough, spreading tomato sauce and cheese, and adding toppings, “as you race against the clock”. You’ll compete against other pizza makers on the Domino’s Leaderboards.

I wonder if you’ll also have to deliver the virtual pizza pies. After all, the Domino’s brand is fast delivery!

You can get your Domino’s Pizza Hero App